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Thursday, 5 February 2009

Vets Inspection.

Wednesday evening we all took a trip out in the car, I was a little surprised to find myself at the Vets clinic, for the results of my blood tests. I did get a lot of attention though, and wagged tails with a rather handsome retreiver, which might have accounted for my temperature being a little high , but much better than the previous weeks readings.
My blood works were good, apart from my white cell count being slightly raised, so I was given more antibiotics to make sure the infection I picked up passes away for good.
I don't think Mum will ever let me out again, she is quite convinced its my alfresco tastes that have got me into trouble! (I think it was that Furball)
The interesting thing for me at the Vets surgury was the two containers of 'Healthy' dog treats on the counter, where Dad paid the bill, they were delicious!!
Marmaduke Ginger Bits, sent another Flying Furball to say hes been snowed in, so his trip will be delayed, and he will inform me in due course of his new arrival ETA .


Sonia said...

Oh Poppy,

I am glad the vet check went much better. I used to have a black Lab named "Daisey" years ago. I have been enjoying your blog and your Mom's blog.


Sonia ;)

Linda said...

My Mum Lab was named Daisey too, TY for dropping by, Wags& Licks Poppyx

Pencil Sanity said...

OH I am so glad your feeling better. My fur babies are giving you the high fives.