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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Ouch! I've tweeked Something Mum!

I'm afraid, I'm in the Wars lately. While trying to execute a high speed dash across the kitchen in pursuit of a fallen morsel, I slipped on the flooring, and seemed to have hurt my back or hips.
I heard Dad leaving a message on an answer phone, ( I knew it was about me, because he was looking at me, and smoothing my ears, while he was talking). He was talking to a catopractor, or someone from Cairo, either way, I'm not sure I like the sound of it. Its bad enough waiting for that visit of Marmaduke Ginger Bits, without having a Cat from Cairo practise on me, still if it fixes my back, and theres bound to be treats.....


Sonia said...

Oh need to be careful to you body......hugs and smooches to poppy get better.


Sonia ;)

karen said...

Oh Poppy,
You are sooooo in the wars these days my poor little 4 legged friend, are you having a visit from Vav?? She always made my Luther feel better. Big hugs and kisses xxxx