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Monday, 20 October 2008

Poppy, Who am I?

This picture is of me with my human Dad.
I'm a black Labrador; and I'm sure I'm nine human years old!, I forget. I was Named 'Poppy' when I was a young Puppy, apparently I was nearly Named 'Tahlula', but my human Dad put his foot down on that one, Thank Goodness; mind you I think it would have been a good name for my showbiz career. I was born locally and had quite a few brothers and sisters, I never knew my Dad; but my mum was named 'Daisy', and I used to see my sister 'Flea' sometimes.
I live with my human Mum and Dad, and its a comfortable life, apart from my diet. I love food, but I have to watch my waistline as I get older, actually Mum watches my waistline....
I enjoy walks in the countryside, where one can always chance the opportunity to try new 'al fresco' food experiences, and afternoon power naps. Excuse me, that reminds me, my paws are so tired, time for the executive nap..zzzzzzzz

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karen said...

How sweet Poppy, you are so clever having a blog all of your own. I will check up on what you are up to every day or two. Your mummy is so clever too, I love you both very much. See you soon Poppy,and look after mummy for me. Lots of licks AK xxxx