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Friday, 20 February 2009

Vets & Cats from Cairo

Last night I had to take another little drive to see my vet, My temperature was running high, so I'm back on the meds ( something to look forward to, Yes, really do like them).
However, when the vet told Mum my stiffness in my back hips was a sudden onset of old age, Mum seem to be wearing, her sceptical face,(hard to stare at for too long I assure you) .
So this morning, we drove out to see the Cairo cat practiser, Mums been talking about. (See Previous Posts)
When I got there though there wasn't a cat anywhere, not one to be seen. Must have been his day off, late night out on the Tiles sort of thing. So instead I saw that nice lady Vav Simon, who treated my horsey friend Woozle. Vav let me wander around while she asked Mum and Dad some questions, I soon found the treats, experienced nose. Then a spot of fuss and some gentle movements and hey presto I could waggle my bottom again and wag my tail, and better still More Treats....
Link to Vavs site should you need her

1 comment:

karen said...

magic hands Vav............unbelievable, I swear by her everytime.