Prince Video

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Party Prince Interview

Well This is Poppy, I had thought Prince might take on my written blog, but that may well have to wait a while...

Yesterday was The Mad Hatters party at Mum and Dads, Prince was decked out with a suitable Floral Collar as you can see. So I thought the time might be right for a little interview, this is what I got ...
How are you enjoying the Party Prince?

Slobbler, dribble Lick, um Ball! chase, chase, chew, I see a chew, um, phwerpt, pee pee pee pee!!

So I guess you will have to patient, ahh well, Boys will be Boys! and hes only a baby.PoppyX

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Midnight Prince

Midnight Prince for A Day, is a bit of a mouthful but that is the Kennel name for Mum's new baby she is looking after. He is very skinny for 4 months old, and I bet he won't have to diet Like I had too, boys get all the luck! He was a bit frightened, and a bit of a baby at bedtime, so I came down to comfort him for a bit. He was soon fast asleep in 10 minutes, so I didnt stay after that, because he snores!, another typical boy thing. Anyway he is very clean in his habits, which I approve of , especially after Mum bathed him in Ren Apricot wash :), I also approved he wasn't washed in Mums and mines Rose wash, which is really only for us Girls. I think he will be Named Prince, Failing that he could be 'The dog formally known as Prince'!..PoppyX

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Summer's Longest Day.

Today is the longest day of Summer, Midsummer, making one think of faeries,
Shakespear's own play
'Midsummer's Nights Dream', and the saddening thought that the days will now start to shorten.
But many more glorious summer days to come yet , before Winter.

A picture of Poppy taken earlier this year, amongst the daisies, before she passed.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Sonia & Gail, Get Mail (Poppy's Giveaway)

Its nearly 11pm here UK, and just checking Friends Blogs I was heartened to discover both Sonia , and Gail had received Poppy's 'Message of Love' gifts. They are both such incredible souls, If you haven't already met them, Please check their Blogs.
It was a real pleasure to create a piece of artwork for Gail and Sonia, and real good therapy for me too at a difficult time, I realise now, that it made me concentrate on doing a positive action to bring a smile to three very special people.