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Saturday, 24 January 2009

Off to see The Vet

Oh Dear, I wasn't feeling too special Yesterday. I was Shivering and Shaking.,so I was Whisked promptly off to see my Vet. I was soon seen, and seemed to cause some amusement when after appearing to be fading fast, I made a miraculous recovery when the Vet started making russeling noises while opening a syringe packet. Its amazing what power the crackle of a presumed treat wrapper can inspire, so when I popped my paws and head up on the counter to check, they knew I was already starting to feel better. I was given an antibiotic injection and a course of tablets to take, as I was running a high temperature.
Now I'm thinking, can a Dog catch Cat flu from a Furball? If so Mr.M.GingerBits is in for a piece of my mind when he arrives.


karen said...

poorly you Poppy, why didnt you get mummy to ring me and tell me you were unwell. big big get well soon kisses xxxx

designsbyone said...

I hope you're all better now, Poppy :)


Linda said...

Yes, thank you, Yesterday was the first day, I felt better,& wanted to play with my toys. Poppy & Lindax