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Monday, 5 January 2009

New Year Resolutions

I don't usually make these, but its a good time to paw start a new regime... soo..
I will nag my Mum to take me out for more walks,
(I do need the exercise, then I can eat more)
I will try not to dribble on humans feet, when they are eating,
I will endeavour not to Bark at the Postman,
I will not grab the letters through the letterbox,
(that will be hard one, as I so enjoy making the Postie Jump!)
I will overcome my Skateboard Phobia.
There you go, I think thats enough for a Pup to remember.
Did you make any?What are yours?


karen said...

Well Poppy my New Year Resolution is to get off my fat arse and do more exercise.
I am doing my best so far....power walked 4 & 3/4 miles every other day since the New Year....what do you recon?? xxxx

Linda said...

Auntie Karen,your so virtuous, but dont epect me to keep you company on nearly 5 miles! anytime soon, as much as I love You. PoppyXX
PS. Wear black, like I do its very slimming.