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Thursday, 6 November 2008

A Monet Moment

I was literally drooling all over a book on French impressionists, when I thought I might turn an arty paw in that direction today.
This is my latest pawtrait,inspired by a Mr.Monet; (Mum steadied my paw for the lilies)but the main part of the pawtrait is all mine....
While Mum and I held the brush, inspiration took hold of her and for some reason, she thought it might help if we both wore berets, apparently this was very funny, she kept giggling!
I myself really got into the spirit of the piece after the mood was set, and although I enjoyed painting, I wont be cutting an ear off if its not perfect, ear cleaning is bad enough..


karen said...

that just made me laugh reading this, i just wish i had been there to watch. maybe next time poppy xxxx

karen said...

when this pawtrait goes on sell, please let me know, i would like first refusal xxx

karen said...

Thank you so much for my very first piece of Poppy's art.
It looks wonderful in our bedroom.
You and your mum are soooooo talented.
Love you both xxx