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Thursday, 20 November 2008

Designer Bandanas

Thursday was an exciting day for me. Mum had ordered two reversable fabric bandanas from our friends Velma Tracy, and Leo at ‘Designsbyone, on Etsy.
Today they came, as you can see I was waiting for the Postman.....

Heres the Postie, mustn't bark,mustn't bark... easy, ahh perfect delivery, got it, Thank you, woof, opps! sorry...

Just checking to make sure its for me, Yes. Here it is Mum. Can I open it now, Pleeasee..

Here I am, Trying to pose like my friend the supermodel Velma Kelly!


designsbyone said...

Poppy, you have to be the cutest lab in the world!
Your friends,
Leo and Velma Kelly

Linda said...

Oh Thank you thats sweet of you to say, if I wasn't wearing black you could see I'm Blushing.
Poppy, Wags & Licks

karen said...

oh Poppy you look soooo grown up, and soooooo pretty. I've never seen you look so patient waiting at that front door though. love you xxxx