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Friday, 10 April 2009

Happy Easter

Hi There,
I'm not going far, but enjoying the sea air.

Have a lovely Easter everyone.
Poppy, Wags & Licks

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Oh Hi.

I managed to escape earth Hour without any accidents, that would be mainly be, not being trod on by Dad's size 9's, I actually found it very relaxing.
My health took a little step backward step recently, as my groin strain sidelined for a week, my enjoyable little walks.
Today, I was able to show Mum just how well I really am again, by twirling, and doing the 'Happy Dance' as my breakfast arrived , unfortunately this ended in my head hitting the food bowl in her hand and upending my breakie all over the living room carpet.
Of course I did my best to help her with the cleaning up, as usual.
I got a Flying Airball today from Marmeduke Ginger Bits. He will be arriving next month, to do a series of cat to cat interviews with Queen Divas for the magazine 'Cats in The City', very talented these cats, I didn't know he wrote as well as being an Art Critic!
He was also very excited to tell me he has an interview with Pussy Galore the James Bond film character. I didn't have the heart to tell him shes a human actress, still, I'm sure Honor will enjoy the catnip mouse he is bringing for her.
This news means I will have to get my paws in gear, and do a bit of pawtrait art for MGB's arrival, perhaps I can inspire Mum too.