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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Midnight Prince

Midnight Prince for A Day, is a bit of a mouthful but that is the Kennel name for Mum's new baby she is looking after. He is very skinny for 4 months old, and I bet he won't have to diet Like I had too, boys get all the luck! He was a bit frightened, and a bit of a baby at bedtime, so I came down to comfort him for a bit. He was soon fast asleep in 10 minutes, so I didnt stay after that, because he snores!, another typical boy thing. Anyway he is very clean in his habits, which I approve of , especially after Mum bathed him in Ren Apricot wash :), I also approved he wasn't washed in Mums and mines Rose wash, which is really only for us Girls. I think he will be Named Prince, Failing that he could be 'The dog formally known as Prince'!..PoppyX


Sonia ;) said...

Sweetie..No one would ever replace you in everyones heart. I am glad you will be watching over and helping MUM get on with her life. Prince is going to be gorgeous..Poppy..I am working a surprise for your going to take me a lil while..But she is a wonderful lady with a big heart..

Hi Prince welcome to the Club..
Love xoxo
Sonia and the Pugels

Celtic Cat said...

Looks like a sweet puppy! I know Poppy
was unique, but Midnight will help to fill the whole in your heart!

Sonia ;) said...

Stop by my blog..Left you a Thank you..not a tag or award.

Sonia xox

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

What a beautiful boy!