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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Wheat Free Menu

Well Mum and I, participated in an Etsy Virtual Discussion, a new experience. One of the topics was what do you like to see in Blogs, apparently its 'the food we all eat'. Now Mum couldn't see why anyone would like to see what she eats and knowing what she does, I can totally see why!! (Actually its a lot of Chocolate, and cups of Tea). Now me I'm a Wagger and a Shaker, and I like to pad with the pack. I am incredibly interested in what Everyone eats, and hopefully drops onto the kitchen floor. I am a Wheat free girl, so I have healthy treats that include carrots and apple slices. Here is some of my daily food Platter.

Apologies to my Blog Readers; I'm afraid I could only get Mum to take a picture of this type of food, as she doesn't approve of my outward bound foraging of natural foods like cat cookies, and wild snacks.

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