Prince Video

Friday, 24 July 2009

Prince Am I Getting Bigger..

We will have had Prince as part of our Family, for 4weeks this coming Tuesday. In that time he has put on (10lbs), ophs 11lbs in weight, which we think has gone into making him taller, and growing his permanent teeth which have all seemed to come at once. He has been a little Star, and is proving to be a real cuddly pup , as well as sneaking a look in on me when I wasnt feeling well the other day , and went upstairs to get a lie down, this was exactly what dear Poppy used to do.

"Actually I told him to come with me, and Check on you Mum"

Oh, I should have known, Thank you Pops.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Poppy's Quote for Today PQT

I'm Youth, I'm Joy, I'm a Little Bird thats just broken out of the Egg.
(James Barrie)
Take pleasure in the Joy of just Playing

Life is One Big Ball Game

First things, first always go Peepee before a Big Match , then Steal,Touchdown, Pickup,Run,Victory Lap, Relax .....