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Friday, 24 July 2009

Prince Am I Getting Bigger..

We will have had Prince as part of our Family, for 4weeks this coming Tuesday. In that time he has put on (10lbs), ophs 11lbs in weight, which we think has gone into making him taller, and growing his permanent teeth which have all seemed to come at once. He has been a little Star, and is proving to be a real cuddly pup , as well as sneaking a look in on me when I wasnt feeling well the other day , and went upstairs to get a lie down, this was exactly what dear Poppy used to do.

"Actually I told him to come with me, and Check on you Mum"

Oh, I should have known, Thank you Pops.


Sonia ;) said...

Oh Poppy...Ho you are still watching your Mum. Prince seems to already be catching on to your guidance. He is a smart boy. Ho beautiful he is becoming. Everyday Poppy I look at your picture in my room and think hat a special friend your Mum is and how lucky she as to have you. It makes me smile. Prince stay on top of Mum, keep her spirit smiling and keep her well. Pugels are well, under my feet. Henry has been head pushing me as I slowly walk to kick me in the butt....Margrit still googled eyed and my lil shadow. Missing you Poppy...Prince your learning wells , like a wizards apprentice you ill be carrying the wand soon.

oxoxoxoxoxox Sonia & Pugels

designsbyone said...

You are absolutely darling and turning into such a handsome dog! I am glad to see that you are getting some use out of Poppy's bandana as well- it looks stunning on you :)

Leo and Velma

Linda said...

Thank you for drpping by Gals, Nice to see the Pugels have you in check Sonia :):)+ :)
Leo I know Velma keeps you on your toes, with her wardrobe and plenty of exercise. :)+ :)
Prince looks smashing in his pink one too, When I can can afford it I will be getting some more for him, They are so beautifully made by you, and safe with the poppers.