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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Pirates in The Crows Nests

A few weeks back I had occasion to venture into the garden again on an unusually dry and sunny day. I had had enough of the name calling as you may remember from those rude crows. Well I wasn't going to take any more of their 'dissing' me. Today as soon as the largest blackest bird dropped into the garden, I bided my time then pounced, with a broadside run and a swifty bark, I had my skull and crossbones bandana on, so I was kitted out for action. It was very satisfying, and the crows on the roof were unusually silent.
Later I found out I had seen off Captain Barbossa of the Raven Crew, (actually mum said he is a carrion crow, but I was too polite to mention that!). He bravely, I thought, dropped back in to invite me to join their Pirate clan, as he thought I was very brave, albiet foolhardy, to challenge him, as he boasted he has had many a scurvy dog's eye out, for less. As I've noticed he is always burying bread in the lawn, encouraged and thinking that was a very dog like action, I graciously accepted the offer. I have now found out via my Raven bros, that the herring gulls are led by a scurvy wench Saucy Nell, the Rooks are led by Captain Hook, The Gulls by Razor Bill, and the Jackdaws by Headless Nick, I was puzzelled by that one but Barbossa explained he tries to frighten humans by tucking his head under his wing, and still moving his feet, and finally the crows are headed up by Billy Bunter.
Prince x


Scout 'n Freyja said...

Those crows can be pretty cranky if you ask us. We've never met one that wanted to be friends. Good luck☺

Linda said...

Youre probably Right,Scout & Freyja, it could be a case of no honour amongst thieves or pirates. So I'm keeping it under my collar, how high I can jump and how fast I can really run, just in case of scurvy Raven treachery. :)

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

LOL! Love your blog!

Blackfeatherfarm said...

Just adorable !!