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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Winner, well actually Winners...& 2 In The Post

I put all your names in the hat and three came out together, each had slid inside the other.
As I'm a great believer in Fate, and Poppy agrees, we will have three winners, instead of one.
1.Sonia 2.Gail 3. Sheila. Congratulations Girls
I will create a piece of artwork for each of you..... Linda & Poppyxxx
News 30th May; Gail's and Sonia's artworks were posted today....I haven't forgotten Sheila, she is deciding what sort of art she would like. :)

Friday, 22 May 2009

Message of Love

Hi, Its me Poppy,
I don't want to upset anyone, but I had to tell you where I am now. It all began when I had to leave earth and home as I knew it. Mum and human Dad were so upset, so I tried to stay as long as I could, but I felt so light and was gently drawn away. I wasn't frightened, just felt a bit strange and tingly. I had no more tummy ache or pains in my legs and back any more. There was someone near me, although I couldn't see anyone, I felt them there, and it was comforting, so I closed my eyes and slept. The next feeling I was aware of, was warm sunshine on my face, I could hear birdsong, and I could smell grass and animals. I was frightened to open my eyes because it didn't smell like the home I'd just left, but a soft voice spoke to me and stroked my head, and I felt brave enough to look.
A beautiful lady sat on the grass next to me, stroking me gently, and her touch seemed to fill me with joy and the desire to play and run again.
As I lay there and looked around I seemed to be in a beautiful garden full of other animals running and playing and having fun. There were kittens chasing each other, and dogs playing tag, and others just laying in the shade of the trees. The lady stood up and I knew she wanted me to follow, we walked through many gardens, we passed rivers and streams. Ran together through meadows full of horses, woods with beautiful spotted deer, all was peaceful, and I knew there was a place for all. We finally returned to the garden where I had first woke, where there were many old friends and family gathered to greet me. There is no way I can tell you the joy and love I felt, to see them all.
There are a few humans here too, there are some old monks, who will play ball endlessly with us, they are really funny, the puppies are always chewing their robes, which just makes them giggle and smile.. There are beings of light that seem to have a human shape with a suggestion of wings somewhere, except I've never seen them fly like birds, they just seem to shimmer when they move and appear, and then there are the Goddesses. They are the beautiful ladies who watch over us all, and cradle the young ones and stroke and sing to us. I have also seen a few humans that live with their animals, there is a small boy who sleeps with the rabbits in the fields, they all snuggle up to him at night, and they look very happy.
We have a mist pool where creatures can watch their loved ones and family. I have seen animals dive into the pool, I think they visit earth, I'm not sure yet. There is one little terrier who sits all day by the pool watching his mistress, I thought at first this must be very sad, but when I sat close to him I could see his mistress too . She is a very old lady, and often picks up his picture and talks to him, he answers with a bark, and she seems to hear him and looks up. He wags his tail like crazy, all the time, so I know he is happy just watching, and I think they will be together again soon.
I'm sorry I've made my mum cry again writing this, but the Goddesses and many fellow creatures wished me to help, by affirming their message of Love, and those bonds that are never broken. I didn't understand that, Goddess words, I hope you do.
I guess this makes me a doggy Ghost Writer now.
Love to all .. Poppyxxx
Mum & I want to celebrate our Family's Love, by giving away a piece of artwork to one of our Friends, to Join in, Just say Hi, or leave a comment on this post.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Poppy after fighting a number of illnesses over the last few months was helped to peacefully pass on to new adventures over the Rainbow bridge.
She was a very Special little girl. When not much more than a year old after I returned from hospital after a 10hour surgery operation for a brain tumor, she took upon herself to be my nursemaid. Every morning (although previously never entering the bedrooms), she bustled her way in and around to my side of the bed. Her nose would then ferret out my hand or face until I spoke to her, she would then lay down, and refuse to move till I managed to sit or get up. Poppy would then follow me religiously around the house this went on for the next year, till I was feeling a little better. Poppy's methods of communication were excellent, ranging from asking with her paw,waving and gripping!. Clearing her throat in a hmm hmm sound, licking her lips for a drink, the follow me lassie manoveour, and even going to collect a doggy tiolet bag herself and standing in front of me with it in her mouth so I got the subtle hint.
She spent her last hours in her favourite spot,the garden, on her bed, under the sunshade covered with a blanket, watching the world go by, comforted by both her human parents, till she finally relaxed peacefully away.